Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Empowered Birth Doula Service

Welcome to Empowered Birth Doula Service

As a doula, I support women before, during and after labour by providing personal assistance. I respect and honour a woman’s birth choices and her right to choose how she gives birth and with whom. My role is to encourage a birthing woman’s self confidence and the ability she holds to birth, nurture and mother her baby. I draw on my experience and knowledge to provide unconditional emotional, physical and informational support to a woman and her partner during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period.

Throughout your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period I am employed by you, not the hospital, and I dedicate myself only to your needs. I make myself available to provide reassurance to you and your partner, to discuss all options available to you, and to help you in achieving a deeply satisfying birthing experience.

I believe every birth is a rite of passage for a woman and her baby. By providing families with care and support during this very special time, it is my hope for every family to experience the birth of their baby as an empowering, safe and memorable journey.